Maria Nazareth

Maria Nazareth is Associate Vice President of AI in Cognizant's Banking & Financial Services Practice. In this role, she enables clients to plan and execute new business strategies with technology innovation while driving analytics into day-to-day operations. Doing this helps clients create key data and analytics capabilities required to meet changing market dynamics and deliver IT-enabled business transformation.

With 20 years of consulting and industry expertise, Maria has significant experience as a data and analytics technology strategy professional. This unique blend of financial services industry and technology transformation experience, as well as proficiency in innovation and disruption, equips Maria with an innate and proven ability to build high-performing, cross-functional teams that deliver value and measurable business outcomes to clients. Her expertise extends beyond AI and machine learning into big data, data management and analytics, which she applies to help mentor future industry leaders.

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The Upside of Credit Card Fraud

When it comes to using artificial intelligence (AI) for credit-card fraud management, the benefits are more than meets the eye. Yes, AI-powered detection systems spot fraud more quickly and help contain losses. But the systems also put a new spin on fraud for credit card providers: Real-time fraud detection helps inspire customer confidence and boost […]

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