Manish Bahl

Manish leads Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work in Asia Pacific and has over 14 years of research, advisory, and business strategy experience.

Diversity and Inclusion: By the Numbers

Are you greater than the sun that shines on everyone: Black, Brown, Yellow, Red and White, the sun does not discriminate. — Sara Ting, “Sun Poem.” You’ve seen the warning on your rearview mirror: “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.” The future seems to be approaching faster than ever before. The rise of […]

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21 More Jobs That Pivot on Human-Machine Harmony

Help Wanted: Data Trash Engineer. Algorithm Bias Auditor. Head of Machine Personality Design. Chief Purpose Planner. Could you envision needing one of these job titles in your organization, or even see yourself filling one of these roles? We can – if not now, then very soon. In fact, in an age when many pundits are […]

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Data Transparency in a Nontransparent World

Unless you live in a cave and have never touched a smartphone or computer, you probably know it’s impossible not to leave a personal data trail online. The invisible cookies are always watching our activities, and the algorithms are always making suggestions for the benefit of the digital economy. Once data is produced, it rarely fades away. […]

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Customer Trust in a Sharing Economy

Recently, I wrote about key from Cognizant research included in our report, “The Business Value of Trust.” The results were stark: Losing customer trust presents a major existential threat to companies. Not protecting consumers’ personal information and upholding privacy is a fast way to lose it. However, we also learned that when consumers know a […]

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Why CEOs Need a Social Media Presence

Market pundits keep telling you that every business is a digital business. Digital is your future. Digital is the path to transforming your business. When so much is at stake, shouldn’t executive leaders expand their digital or social presences? One of our recent white papers highlights that many business leaders are not on LinkedIn and that most […]

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Focus on Asia: 4 Myths of Digital Transformation

Asia is fast becoming the center of digital innovation for the world. The region accounts for half of the world’s total 2.8 billion Internet users, and it is already the largest regional e-commerce market. By 2025, today’s fast-changing technologies — including the mobile Internet, the Internet of Things, cloud technology, 3-D printing and advanced robotics […]

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