Manoj Mathew

Manoj Mathew is a Cognizant Digital Business AVP who focuses on the product, manufacturing, service and logistics space. He has over 14 years of experience defining and delivering  connected product solutions for mission-critical applications such as deep-water drilling, connected car solutions, gas turbine monitoring, autonomous agriculture and building-monitoring solutions. His current focus is on smart products, smarter businesses – helping manufacturers transform their processes to leverage ever-increasing pools of sensor data and live telemetry. Manoj is an electrical engineer and is based in the Netherlands. He can be reached at or 

Hyperloop: Engineering the Future of Transportation

Next year will mark 150 years since the last spike was driven into the final railroad tie connecting the first transcontinental railroad in the U.S. On May 10, 1869, supervisors and crewmembers from three railroad companies gathered a mile above sea level at Promontory Summit in Utah to watch Leland Stanford, the president of Central […]

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