Lester Lam

Lester is Vice-President and leader for Digital Strategy, Cognizant Digital Business.  Lester’s practice helps Cognizant's clients become digitally relevant and enables them to disrupt their own markets while creating sustainable value.  His team operates at the intersection of strategy, experience design, digital engineering and artificial intelligence by delivering transformation of core business processes and functions.  The team has deep capabilities in business strategy, organizational change management, program leadership and enterprise design to ensure the success of large, complex digital initiatives.  Prior to Cognizant, Lester was a partner leading digital transformation at Infosys Ltd. in the company’s management consulting services practice. He has a bachelor’s of science in finance from the California State Polytechnic University and a master’s in business administration from the University of Southern California. Lester can be reached at Lester@cognizant.com.

Digital Without Purpose Will Fail

According to industry estimates, roughly 80% of digital initiatives ultimately fail. The reasons for these failures-to-launch abound: a risk-fearing culture, the paralysis of shifting regulations, the bog of legacy systems, and the list goes on. Nothing, however, will kill a digital transformation effort more assuredly than the failure to define a purpose. Simply put, without […]

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