Laurie Ehrlich

Laurie Ehrlich is the Head of Legal Operations at Cognizant, managing the legal team financials, technology, process improvement, knowledge management and communication, with a focus on strategic transformation and optimization of the delivery of internal legal services.  Prior to heading LegalOps, Laurie was Chief Counsel for Cognizant's insurance vertical.  In addition to her legal background, Laurie has been arranging rooms, finding that perfect piece of furniture, devising color schemes, and organizing belongings for over 20 years. She has studied interior design at the Fashion Institute of Technology and the New York School of Interior Design and has dabbled in interior design with projects that include kitchens, nurseries, playrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, home offices, dining areas, studios and lofts. Laurie can be reached at 

Don’t Put Mothers In A Closet

In the months that I’ve been back at work as a nursing mom, I’ve seen quite a few designated lactation spaces in different companies’ offices.  While every room included a chair, a table near the chair and a lock on the door, most of them felt like the individuals creating the space had little appreciation […]

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