Kuldeep Wagh

Kuldeep Wagh is an Associate Director within Cognizant's Security Practice. In this role, he helps customers set up/improvise vulnerability management and DevSecOps programs. He has 22-plus years of diverse IT experience, the last eight years of which have focused exclusively on IT security.  Kuldeep is currently working on the launch of a new vulnerability management service.  He can be reached at Kuldeep.Wagh@cognizant.com.

Effective Vulnerability Management from a Practitioner’s Point of View

Enterprises across the globe are aggressively embracing the latest technologies and newer ways of delivering services to stay relevant in today’s global market. However, the growing interest in technology adoption introduces additional vulnerability and risk exposure. For starters, today’s threat landscape is incredibly dynamic, with thousands of new vulnerabilities reported annually amid growing complexity in […]

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