Karun Sorout

Karun Sorout is the Service Line Head for Hybrid Cloud & Edge/IoT Services at Cognizant Infrastructure Services.  He has more than 17 years of experience working on constructing and delivering large IT transformation engagements in the North American and European Market.

Karun can be reached at Karun.Sorout@cognizant.com and https://www.linkedin.com/in/karun-sorout-97749b6/?originalSubdomain=in

Making the Most of Your Hybrid Infrastructure with a Cloud Management Platform

Cloud has endured high and low points in its relatively short lifecycle. Earlier this decade, it faced misgivings if not outright opposition from many major enterprises that refused to believe a cloud platform could ever replace an on-premises infrastructure. This was followed by a period of euphoria, when companies couldn’t wait to move their data […]

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Overcoming the Challenges of the Shift to Hybrid Cloud

According to IDC, public cloud IT infrastructure  spending in the second quarter of 2018 saw a nearly 59% year-over-year increase, more than double the spending growth on private cloud infrastructure during the same period. This shift to cloud, and particularly hybrid infrastructure, is being driven by decision-makers who realize the increasingly critical role hybrid cloud […]

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