Jodie Thellin Skyberg

Jodie Thellin Skyberg is the PBM and Pharmacy Practice Leader for Cognizant Consulting Healthcare Practice.  She has over 20 years of experience across pharmacy from multiple vantage points, working directly in PBMs/payers, global management consulting and HIT initiatives.  Her areas of focus include PBMs, large chains, specialty/mail-order pharmacy and health plan pharmacy business units.  Jodie has significant experience in new market/product strategy, business transformation,  digital alignment,  data/analytics strategy and integrated health management.  She can be reached at


Cigna & Express Scripts: Yet Another Sign of a Healthcare Value Chain Shakeup

Another day, another healthcare intermediary is absorbed by a player intent on building scale to deliver value, control data and power up a patient-centered business model. Cigna’s announcement of its intent to buy Express Scripts is just the latest development in the ongoing compression of the healthcare value chain. We’ve been predicting these types of […]

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