Jillian Powers

Jillian is a senior resident ethnography and human-centered designer at Idea Couture, Cognizant's premier human-centered design agency. She has over 10 years of experience interpreting trends, designing human-centered research practices, and delivering evidence-based strategies for a range of clients and audiences. Jillian is a systems-level thinker who remains curious and captivated by the human experience and the social good.  Her work has been featured in a variety of peer-review journals, online and print sources, and she regularly advises and speaks about design thinking, research, culture, sociology and civic engagement.

Jillian earned her Ph.D. in sociology from Duke University, and her BA from Dartmouth College. She can be reached at Jillian.Powers@cognizant.com


E-commerce’s New Normal: Designing for an Uncertain Future (First of a Multipart Series)

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrust our lives into uncertainty. The unemployment rate remains high, people struggle to plan their days and their lives due to unclear and ever-changing guidelines for returning to work and school, and consumers worry about both their finances and the health and well-being of their families and communities. COVID-19 has resulted […]

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