Jerry Smith

Jerry A. Smith is Vice-President of Data Sciences at Cognizant. He is a practicing data scientist with a passion for realizing busi­ness value through enterprise data sciences services. Prior to Cognizant, Jerry was the North American Chief Data Scientist for Capgemini. He has a Ph.D., masters and bachelor of science in com­puter science, with theoretical and practical experiences in artificial intelligence. Jerry can be reached at

Solving Complex Challenges with AI that Evolves As It Learns

Organizations typically suffer two common constraints when it comes to growing effectively: a lack of resources and flawed decision-making. But when both are present, it can be a bellwether of an extinction-level event. It’s one thing to lack the resources to adequately lead and deliver tomorrow’s business value today. But when suboptimal decisions are made across […]

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Eight Ways to Forge a Path to Real and Responsible AI

When it comes to high-tech, nothing seems high-techier than artificial intelligence (AI). But when businesses get started on AI initiatives – which most respondents in our recent study are doing – the challenge today is less about technical questions and technology capabilities, and more about crafting a strategy, determining the governance structures and ethical practices […]

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Not Your Father’s Call Center: How Cognitive Computing Can Boost Customer Satisfaction and Agent Retention

However you measure business success, customer experience is a big factor. And in many cases, it’s the call center experience that directly affects the customer experience – and  in very measurable ways: customer satisfaction scores, churn, social media ratings and brand reputation. And yet, on any given day, a significant portion of call center agents […]

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Cognitive Computing Systems: How They Learn, How We Make Them Unlearn

Like humans, cognitive computing systems learn from an ever-growing collec­tion of knowledge. And clearly, business interest is high in adopting these systems to accelerate decisions and improve their accuracy. Businesses need a plan, however, for when intelligent systems learn in expected ways. The fact is, cognitive computing systems do sometimes learn in ways their designers […]

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