Jerry Smith

Jerry A. Smith is Vice-President of Data Sciences at Cognizant. He is a practicing data scientist with a passion for realizing busi­ness value through enterprise data sciences services. Prior to Cognizant, Jerry was the North American Chief Data Scientist for Capgemini. He has a Ph.D., masters and bachelor of science in com­puter science, with theoretical and practical experiences in artificial intelligence. Jerry can be reached at

Eight Ways to Forge a Path to Real and Responsible AI

When it comes to high-tech, nothing seems high-techier than artificial intelligence (AI). But when businesses get started on AI initiatives – which most respondents in our recent study are doing – the challenge today is less about technical questions and technology capabilities, and more about crafting a strategy, determining the governance structures and ethical practices […]

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Not Your Father’s Call Center: How Cognitive Computing Can Boost Customer Satisfaction and Agent Retention

However you measure business success, customer experience is a big factor. And in many cases, it’s the call center experience that directly affects the customer experience – and  in very measurable ways: customer satisfaction scores, churn, social media ratings and brand reputation. And yet, on any given day, a significant portion of call center agents […]

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Cognitive Computing Systems: How They Learn, How We Make Them Unlearn

Like humans, cognitive computing systems learn from an ever-growing collec­tion of knowledge. And clearly, business interest is high in adopting these systems to accelerate decisions and improve their accuracy. Businesses need a plan, however, for when intelligent systems learn in expected ways. The fact is, cognitive computing systems do sometimes learn in ways their designers […]

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