Jay Sultan

Jay Sultan is Vice President of Healthcare Innovation and Strategy at Cognizant. He has been a thought leader in healthcare, advising over 120 health plan and 50 delivery systems on value-based care, provider data management, healthcare analytics, clinical data use and interoperability. In his current role at Cognizant, Jay is leading the application of the specific areas of strategy from inception to “business as usual.” He can be reached at Jay.Sultan@cognizant.com

Truly Portable, Personal & Shareable Health Records Could Prevent Future Pandemics

Go forward in time with us for a few minutes. In late 2023, individuals in gateway cities around the U.S. begin to complain of flu-like symptoms at their monthly telehealth check-ins or when they visit drugstore-based clinics. Whether engaging virtually or in-person, patients authorize their caregivers to have immediate access to their longitudinal health records. […]

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Healthcare Data Interoperability: A Force for Good

Name one issue on which both Republicans and Democrats agree. No, seriously. I only know of one right now: the ability for consumers to access their own healthcare information and use it to make decisions. For the last year, I’ve been traveling the country evangelizing on healthcare data interoperability, explaining the proposed federal interoperability requirements […]

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