Jason Kodish

Jason “Kodi” Kodish is Vice-President and Head of Guilds within Cognizant’s AI&A leadership team. AI&A focuses on building communities of expertise and providing solutioning in our strategic specialties, bringing us closer to our clients. These guilds of experts are focused on data and intelligence. In addition to providing business direction to our AI&A guild team globally, Kodi also drives Cognizant's studio strategy, offerings community and vertical-based solutioning process.  

Prior to joining Cognizant, Kodi served as the Group Global Data Lead for Capgemini and the Chief Data Officer of the Publicis Groupe, as well as Global Chief Data Scientist at Digitas and Sapient. During his 20-year career, he has developed numerous AI and analytics tools and methodologies, including IDIOM, the premiere AI-driven agency people-based planning and activation tool, as well as the agency’s approach to attribution and the social listening/analytics methodologies for BrandLIVE, a ground-breaking real-time marketing platform. 

Kodi holds an MBA in marketing from the University of Notre Dame and a BS in marketing and mathematics from the University of Florida. He can be reached at Jason.Kodish@cognizant.com.


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