James Jeude

James Jeude is Vice-President and Practice Leader of Cognizant Digital AI & Analytics Strategic Initiatives Group. His career has provided perspective for understanding the anxieties and aspirations of ambitious companies as they confront and master disruptive technologies.  His current interest is helping clients manage the inevitable disruptions and opportunities that come with artificial intelligence and the technology's applicability to safety and decision-making. He has a bachelor’s of science in computer engineering and an MBA with a focus on technology enablement. James can be reached at James.Jeude@cognizant.com | ww.linkedin.com/in/james-jeude.



Mandatory or Optional, Privacy Is Coming. Don’t Be Caught Unprepared

Remember the old days, when a great way to start an article was to quote a dictionary definition?  “Webster’s defines privacy as ‘freedom from unauthorized intrusion.’” You know, that sort of thing. Sometimes with a pronunciation guide. And we do love the modern touch – like a real-time voiceover or a Google Trends graphic showing […]

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Eight Ways to Forge a Path to Real and Responsible AI

When it comes to high-tech, nothing seems high-techier than artificial intelligence (AI). But when businesses get started on AI initiatives – which most respondents in our recent study are doing – the challenge today is less about technical questions and technology capabilities, and more about crafting a strategy, determining the governance structures and ethical practices […]

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Game-Changing AI: More Than Just a Novel Application

The introduction of zone defense to basketball (nearly a century ago!) led Frank Lindley, the creator of this approach, to win 83% of the games he coached. It’s a great example of what we mean when we talk about something being game-changing: a situation where the unwritten rules are so taken for granted that most […]

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