Holly Camlin

Holly Camlin is the Equity and Inclusion Officer for Cognizant Digital Business. At Cognizant for six years, she is an associate director in human resources and creates programming for Woman Empowered. Her goal is to foster a culture of belonging at Cognizant, and she hopes to do more work in coaching. She has a master’s degree in psychology from Lesley University and formerly worked as a professional counselor. Holly can be reached at Holly.Camlin@cognizant.com.


Turning COVID-Fueled Anxiety into a Strength

Anxiety is as much a part of the pandemic as masks. But for those of us experiencing moments of fear and uncertainty during this time, anxiety can also be an opportunity to grow in new and unexpected ways. This outlook is an important step forward, especially in the workplace, where the fallout from COVID-19 is […]

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