Harpreet Kanwar

Harpreet Kanwar is Chief Technology Officer within Cognizant’s Life Sciences business unit.  He is responsible for driving innovation, emerging technology adoption, architecture enablement and governance. He currently focuses on helping life sciences companies adopt automation, AI/ML/NLP/deep learning, and blockchain technologies. He has over 25 years of IT industry experience covering consulting, pre-sales and delivery. Harpreet can be reached at Harpreet.Kanwar@cognizant.com.  


Transforming Pharmacovigilance with Intelligent Automation

In today’s world of empowered patients and increased attention to drug safety, the role of pharmacovigilance has never been more crucial. Healthcare organizations need to instill robust practices to detect, assess, report on and prevent adverse effects, both to ensure regulatory compliance and reduce risk for patients. Pharmacovigilance processes, however, are traditionally highly manual and […]

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