Gary Meyer

Gary Meyer is an Assistant Vice President within Cognizant Consulting’s healthcare practice. He brings 25 years of industry experience, having brought innovation to leading health plans, health systems, and others in the industry. Gary leads Cognizant Consulting’s advisory services for healthcare interoperability, helping organizations define and execute their strategies to achieve  compliance as well as to better position themselves in their markets through interoperability. Gary can be reached at

Truly Portable, Personal & Shareable Health Records Could Prevent Future Pandemics

Go forward in time with us for a few minutes. In late 2023, individuals in gateway cities around the U.S. begin to complain of flu-like symptoms at their monthly telehealth check-ins or when they visit drugstore-based clinics. Whether engaging virtually or in-person, patients authorize their caregivers to have immediate access to their longitudinal health records. […]

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Balancing Health Data Sharing with Protections: Great Medicine for Quashing Epidemics

In Singapore, public health officials publish online the locations of the residence, workplace and places recently visited by each newly confirmed coronavirus patient so that other citizens can take appropriate action to protect themselves and their loved ones. In Taiwan, health insurance and immigration agencies combined the 14-day travel histories of local and foreign residents […]

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