Gajen Kandiah

Gajen Kandiah is President of Cognizant Digital Business, with leadership and responsibility for one of the largest U.S. digital business segments within a $16 billion multinational corporation. His portfolio of practices conceives and develops strategies to guide Fortune 1000 organizations to become digital leaders fueling renewed growth, meaningful differentiation and real economic value. Gajen leads initiatives across a range of industries, focusing on designing the human experience of technology. Gajen can be reached at or LinkedIn.

Four Lessons Learned on Ensuring a Human-Centric Digital Experience

Amid the fascination surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) and other hot digital technologies, there’s a recurring theme among business executives, and certainly within Cognizant: keep it human. Not only is it essential to embed human intelligence, judgment and empathy in the design of the digital experience, and especially to ensure ethical AI outcomes; it’s also critical […]

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An Examined Life: Tools to Analyze Ourselves

The current generation needs more than a paycheck to get them up in the morning – work needs to also deliver joy. In the near past, the tedium of work was balanced by psychotherapy, self-help books, and retreats and more recently, by the endorphin-stimulating capabilities of  SoulCycle, Flywheel, and Crossfit. Yet all of these are ultimately […]

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Whose Data is it Anyway?

“Did you forget something in your cart? Only 3 model XZT Drones with on-board camera left in stock!” “It’s time to reorder your BluView ComfortWear contact lenses!” “Since you bought the OhSoSoft 100% cashmere gloves, you might like the 100% OhSoSoft 100% cashmere scarf.” If you’ve ever searched online for a product or service — and […]

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