Euan Davis

Euan Davis leads Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work in EMEA. A respected speaker and thinker, Euan has guided many Fortune 500 companies into the future of work with his thought-provoking research and advisory skills. He lives in Cambridge, UK, and can be reached at | LinkedIn:

Collaboration Without Boundaries: Speeding the Crisis Response with Public-Private Alliances

Crises can bring out the best in people, and the coronavirus is no exception. The level of international collaboration triggered by COVID-19 has transcended baseline expectations and historical precedent.   A raft of public-private alliances between governments, regulators, healthcare providers, scientists, technologists and businesses reveal the global community coming together like never before, ameliorating the […]

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How Diversity Fuels Innovation

The workforce of the future is unfolding amid an onslaught of digital change that is upending revenue flows, business models and, essentially, how we work. We are slap bang in the middle of a seismic shift for organizations and the people who work for them. Thriving in this era of promise and uncertainty means increasing […]

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The Artificial Intelligence Panacea?

Looking at my analyst barometer, if 2016 was all about digital, then 2017 is all about artificial intelligence. You know something big is happening when scholars, analysts, CEO hot shots and doom mongers talk it up/talk it down all over news feeds and media. Some of the commentary on AI is Elon Musk scary; some […]

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The Make-or-Break Factor for Digital Success in Europe

If you’ve read my previous post and found the time to review my latest report, “Europe’s Digital Imperative,” you’ll know just how much money digital means for Europe. (In fact, one of the reasons for undertaking the research in that report was to provide the net/net of digital transformation.) However, as one of my previous […]

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Europe’s Digital Imperative Moves into View

Do you feel you’re living in a golden era?  By some important metrics, 2016 was the best year in humanity’s history (I know, hard to believe). According to World Bank figures, every day about a quarter of a million people moved out of extreme poverty, and that’s the highest it’s been in, like, ever.  Disease, famine […]

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People Power: The Unsung Engine of Digital Transformation

Have you read my latest research paper on the future of work and the workplace? It’s entitled,”People—Not Just Machines—Power Digital Innovation.” The piece was challenging to write. My original title was based on an earlier blog I had written on “The Future of Talent.” But it quickly became clear that the word talent could confuse readers. It’s too […]

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