Emma Aiken-Klar, Ph.D.

Emma Aiken-Klar, Ph.D., is Vice-President, Human Insights, at Idea Couture, a Cognizant company. She leads a global team of social scientists in decoding the social and cultural processes through which experience is made meaningful. Emma can be reached at eaikenklar@ideacouture.com.

How to Win in the Experience Economy

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” These mythic lines from Shakespeare’s As You Like It serve to illustrate a key pillar of The Anthropology of Experience: that identity is created as it is performed. Everyday actions and practices – like taking public transit, attending business meetings, eating meals or posting […]

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The Power of an Excellent Insight

In the business of innovation, insights are an important currency. Insights are how we package our understandings of human experience, and they are bought and sold every day because business leaders know the human context is the heart and soul of meaningful and differentiated offerings. Insight is core to how businesses deliver value and how […]

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