Daniel Weinbaum

Daniel is a Senior Manager within Cognizant’s consulting arm. He helps leading media companies rethink how they interact with and monetize their relationships with advertisers and audiences across digital and linear platforms.

Prior to his 10+ years in consulting, Daniel worked in emerging market entry strategy for multiple industries, with a focus on Latin America and Africa. He can be reached at Daniel.Weinbaum@cognizant.com

How Telecoms Can Stay Relevant With 5G Innovation

The pandemic has altered both consumer and business behavior, and telecommunications companies are at the center of this evolution. Telecoms have become the essential backbone for interoperable global networks that allow people and companies to stay connected. But with global adoption of 5G fast becoming a reality, telecoms face new challenges. How does consumer connectivity accelerate […]

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Ad Ops Takes On a Universal Challenge: Finding New Ways to Work

There’s a big irony in media and entertainment. Behind the sleek, all-digital streaming experiences that viewers love to binge, there’s likely someone from ad ops manually entering the video advertising campaign orders on a keyboard or even sifting through a stack of paper orders. Welcome to advertising operations, the often unsung, undigitized hero that cable […]

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