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Dana Anderson is Principal IoT Strategy Consultant in Cognizant’s IoT Strategy & Advisory Practice. She is a versatile leader with a robust understanding of how to achieve business success, and has a strategic mindset for catalyzing change and innovation in startups, mid-size and large organizations.

Dana has extensive hands-on experience with building, deploying and scaling IoT/connected products. Prior to Cognizant, she was VP of Device Intelligence and Edge at Schneider Electric, and has had direct experience in the creation and deployment of core network infrastructure equipment use in cloud, on-prem, edge and OT applications. Dana also has experience working with large OEMs in the creation, validation, deployment and scaling of connected product and IoT offer initiatives, including market validation, business modeling and lean startup initiatives. She was founder at multiple startups, including the creation of an industrial IoT platform, as well as an IoT IAM platform for devices leveraging commercial blockchain.

Dana has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from St. Olaf College, and a bachelor’s in global business management from University of Phoenix. She can be reached at