Chandan Gokhale

Chandan Gokhale is Startup Leader of Cognizant Risk Profile Gateway, a Cognizant Accelerator Venture. His focus is on building a clinical health data clearinghouse for the life, disability and critical care insurance industry in the U.S.

Chandan has 20 years of inter-disciplinary professional experience straddling both creative and technical aspects of information technology. He's a recognized leader and innovator, with the ability to build globally salable service lines. Chandan can be reached at 

How Life Insurers Can Apply AI’s Art of the Possible

Medical information and data has grown exponentially in recent years, posing new challenges for life insurance underwriting. With often voluminous medical histories to assess risk, the process can take an inordinate amount of time. Applicants can end up frustrated, dropping out of the application process and seeking other alternatives, perhaps with competitors, in search of […]

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