Caroline Styr

Caroline Styr is a Research Analyst in Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work in Europe. In this role, she develops thought leadership to challenge perceptions of the future of work. Above all, she is dedicated to demystifying what the individual needs to succeed in the modern organization.

Prior to joining the CFoW, Caroline was part of Cognizant Consulting, working in international digital services and transformation across the retail and healthcare industries. She has a bachelor of arts degree (Hons.) in German from the University of Bristol, alongside which she certified in theatre and performance at Bristol Acting Academy. Caroline can be reached at


The Issues with Work: Will Technology Adoption Bring Us Closer Together or Drive Us Further Apart?

The promise of technology adoption was, in many ways, to bring us closer together. Railroads transported us from the barren countryside to the city center. Radio, television and tablets let us experience the same stories and access the same information as someone in an opposite corner of the world. Telegraph wires, phone lines and then […]

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Achieving Resilience by Embracing Diversity

Curveballs have been a part of work since the very beginning. Some are huge – the steam engine, email, autonomous vehicles. Others are smaller but still pack a punch: a resignation, a public transportation strike, a last-minute request with a 60-minute turnaround time. Our Women Empowered committee brought together four of Cognizant’s fiercest female leaders […]

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