Bryan Hill

Bryan Hill is Chief Technology Officer in Cognizant’s Life Sciences organization, responsible for digital solutions and technology innovation. His focus is on identifying how emerging digital technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality and others can help life sciences companies increase innovation in clinical development to bring new therapies to market faster. He is a founding member of Cadient, Cognizant’s digital marketing agency focused on life sciences. As a recognized thought leader on topics such as digital trends, application modernization and product design within the industry, Bryan has more than 20 years of experience and expertise in software development, digital communications and marketing, user experience and management consulting. He was recently appointed to Brown University's Executive Master in Science and Technology Leadership Advisory Committee. He can be reached at, Twitter @BryanDavidHill and LinkedIn

A Waze-Like Way of Navigating Infectious Disease with Precision Epidemiology

Thanks to a convergence of technology and scientific developments, we’re on the frontier of predicting, treating and mitigating infectious disease at an individual level, as well as across broad mass demographics. Key advancements in realizing this future state include immersive visualization techniques and personalization technologies, open scientific collaboration and data on everything from genomic sequencing […]

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Drones in Human Health: Transforming Life Sciences in the Wilds of the Healthcare Jungle (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this series, I discussed Dian Fossey’s approach to gaining groundbreaking insights on primate behavior by directly observing and documenting the daily activities of gorillas in their natural environment. I described how applying and combining digital technologies such as drones and artificial intelligence (AI) could enable Fossey-style research at scale to improve […]

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Drones in Animal Health: Transforming Life Sciences in the Wilds of the Healthcare Jungle (Part 1)

In the 20th century, the world gained industry-changing insights on primate behavior when researcher Dian Fossey went to the remote forests of Rwanda to study the daily activities of gorillas in their natural environment. How can we reimagine this model of observation and understanding of the animal world with the digital tools we now have […]

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Five Fundamentals for Creating a Winning Customer Experience Framework in Healthcare

While many in the U.S. are still feeling the effects of winter, the “Boys of Summer” are back in action, pitching, swinging, hitting and base-running their way through baseball’s spring training season. As the weather gets warmer, we’ll hear about the strength and versatility of individual players in particular game fundamentals; but none will be […]

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