Bruce Rogow

Bruce J. Rogow is a Principal at IT Odyssey and Advisory in Marblehead, Mass. Known as the counselor to CIOs and CEOs on IT strategy, Bruce has for the last 15 years conducted independent, face-to-face interviews with thousands of C-level executives. Previously, he spent five years as Executive Vice-President and Head of Research at Gartner Inc. Prior to that, he was Senior Managing Principal at Nolan, Norton & Co. Bruce can be reached at

When It Comes to Digital, Pace Matters

As I meet with executives from enterprises attempting to be digitally enhanced, most agree on one thing: In order to achieve material value from new digital services, offerings and technologies, they need to balance two factors: the pace of the initiative and “the realization horizon.” The realization horizon is what you can hope to achieve […]

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Is Your Digital Carburetor Flooded? These Structural Fixes Can Get Overwhelmed CIOs on the Road to Recovery

Prior to fuel injection, carburetors in aging cars often flooded when too much fuel  entered the engine prior to combustion. As I interview CIOs and other business executives, a common lament reminds me of the flooded carburetor challenge.  The CIO, IT management team and business executives are simultaneously attempting to do the following:  transform the […]

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