Brian Williams

Brian is Cognizant’s Chief Digital Officer for Life Sciences and is responsible for designing digitally enabled solutions to facilitate care access and delivery.  He is also the Global Life Sciences Consulting Leader for Life Sciences, inspiring teams in North America, Europe and Asia that provide management consulting services to the leading biopharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Prior to joining Cognizant, Brian spent eight years with PwC/Strategy&, where he was a founding member of its industry-defining “New Entrants” practice. In this role, he advised senior executives of traditional biopharmaceutical and medical device companies on the transformations occurring within healthcare. He also advised senior executives at non-traditional companies, such as telecommunications, technology and consumer products companies, who sought to enter and transform access to and adherence to care and care outcomes. He was the lead author or co-author of numerous articles that defined the transformation of healthcare and its implications to the healthcare industry. His articles and perspectives resulted in him being a frequent speaker at industry events in the U.S., Europe and Asia. 

Before joining PwC/Strategy&, Brian served as an executive for two healthcare firms, including one early-stage company where he quadrupled revenues in three years, leading to a sale of the company returning 10x invested capital. Prior to his management roles, Brian spent a decade as an investor, co-founding two top-decile performing private equity funds.  Previous to his business ventures, he served as a speechwriter to a former two-term Governor of Indiana.

Brian earned his undergraduate degree from Indiana University. He can be reached at

AI in Life Sciences: Faster Cures for Viral Disease

COVID-19 is upending life as we know it. The potential effect of this viral disease on mortality and public health, as well as the lasting socioeconomic impact of the crisis, is unfathomable. To mitigate the wide-scale impact of this growing pandemic, our hopes are trained on a vaccine, prophylactic or curative, and the life sciences […]

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Value-Based Care in Life Sciences: What’s It Worth to You?

Just one of the many changes rippling through the life sciences industry is the gradual but inexorable shift of value-based care (VBC) becoming a leading means of healthcare insurance reimbursement. According to our recently sponsored research, as many as 150 biopharmaceutical drugs  are covered by value-based contracts, with a projected growth rate of 15% to […]

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Disaggregation of Healthcare: The Great Unbundling Proceeds

In discussions with our clients, it’s become apparent that one of the greatest changes we’re witnessing in healthcare is the disaggregation (or unbundling) of care. Historically, access to and delivery of healthcare took place primarily in doctors’ offices, hospitals and clinics.  However, changes in consumer sentiment and advances in technology are creating a far more […]

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From ‘-Omics’ to Digital Twins, Life Sciences Is In for Vast Changes Ahead

Digital tools and platforms are remaking every aspect of the life sciences (LS) value chain, from co-prescribed apps to implanted sensors to data queries for drug discovery, and digital is overturning how companies conduct clinical trials and manage production/distribution. The changes extend to how individual patients assimilate and internalize health and healthcare technology directly, through […]

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