Brian Roche

Brian Roche is Vice-President of Products & Strategy at Cognizant Technology Solutions. In this role, he helps define and execute the company’s product strategy. A big part of his experience and focus is on building cloud-native applications that help customers accelerate their transition to the cloud and redefine their competitive advantage. Brian has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Prior to joining Cognizant, he held leadership positions at Dell EMC within the Office of the CTO, which is responsible for defining the company’s technology vision, and EMC’s Enterprise Content Division. More recently, he was a Cloud Foundry board member and worked closely with the Foundation and Pivotal to accelerate Dell EMC’s adoption of new work patterns and the creation of cloud-native applications. Brian has led the adoption of DevOps with many teams and is passionate about building applications that are born in the cloud. He can be reached at

Reinventing Talent Acquisition, DevOps Style: Seven Ways to Become a ‘Destination Company’

Just as brilliant drummers have their pick of bands, top cloud-native developers and project managers can be choosy about their employers. They’re the rock stars of business, and they know it. If you’re not a “destination company” like Amazon, Facebook or Google, how do you entice top talent to work for you? (And if you’re […]

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Learning by Doing: What We Mean When We Talk about Continuous Integration and Delivery

When I talk publicly about workforce transformation, I often do so in the context of “learning by doing.” What I mean is, once you’ve identified something that’s important to the customer (and, therefore, vital for business success), you drive change around it by using this discovery and just getting started – trying out new code […]

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Finding Time for Innovation – by Starting Small

Perhaps no question has the power to stop executives and software managers in their tracks faster than, “What are you doing about innovation?” You can’t blame them, as there’s really no blueprint for establishing the processes, mindsets and disciplines required to generate the innovations that consistently lead to high-impact results. Traditional waterfall methods of software […]

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Making the Shift to Intelligent Software Services

With all the buzz about cloud computing, it may be surprising to realize that many critical business applications still rely on infrastructure, code bases and designs that by today’s standards would be considered well out-of-date. Whether based in an on-site data center or the cloud, most of these applications are designed to run repeatable, predictable […]

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