Ben Pring

Ben Pring leads Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work and is a coauthor of the books What To Do When Machines Do Everything and Code Halos: How the Digital Lives of People, Things, and Organizations Are Changing the Rules of Business. In 2018, he was a Bilderberg Meeting participant. He previously spent 15 years with Gartner as a senior industry analyst, researching and advising on areas such as cloud computing and global sourcing. He can be reached at

WEF 2020 Post-Mortem: Contradictions at the Heart of Davos and the Future of Our Work

The World Economic Forum’s annual event is over for another year. Once again, Davos was a fascinating and frustrating few days, providing a snapshot of what the global elite hive mind is currently thinking. Beyond the obvious highlights – that POTUS and Greta are probably not on each other’s Christmas card lists, that “big tech” […]

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Fifty Thoughts from Davos 50

It’s the 50th anniversary of the founding of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. In its honor, here are 50 observations from this year’s event. (50?! Don’t worry – I’ll keep it quick and painless.) It’s balmy – colder back in Massachusetts. POTUS came – and hardly anyone noticed. The global […]

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World Economic Forum 2019: Final Reflections

Back home on Cape Cod, Davos 2019 already seems an age ago. So before the happenings of last week entirely fade from my overly full memory banks, here are a few thoughts on what I saw and heard. This year’s World Economic Forum Annual Meeting came at a time when the very idea of Davos […]

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World Economic Forum 2019: Making the Future Work

In his famous 1962 book “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions,” Thomas Kuhn outlined how changes in orthodoxies occur. Popularizing the term “paradigm shift,” Kuhn examined how dominant doctrines – broadly shared and agreed upon – are overthrown by new ideas first thought to be from the lunatic fringe but that, in turn, become the new orthodoxy. […]

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World Economic Forum 2019 Preview: The Silk Road to 6G

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos this year will be the epicenter of two of the world’s most important trends: The rollout of 5G, the next-generation networking infrastructure that will more tightly bind together the world’s 7.7 billion people, as well as the four billion “things” expected to be deployed by 2020. The […]

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In Praise of Digital Immigrants

Against the struggles of racism and sexism, ageism may seem a minor concern. But prejudice against older folks is a real issue and one that should be considered in any survey of diversity and inclusion. I know ageism is real, because I’ve long been ageist. I feel emboldened to admit this because so many of […]

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The Ill-Fated Campaign for Digital and AI Disarmament

In 1939, Albert Einstein wrote a letter to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In it, he outlined and explained the emergence of an incredible new technology that he felt had the power to change the world, in good ways and bad. The technology was nuclear power, which was then just emerging from academic laboratories in Europe. […]

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WEF 2018 in Review: Splints on a Fractured World

The theme of the recent World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos was Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World. These fractures – Brexit, the Trump presidency, the rise of automation and artificial intelligence, the re-emergence of China – were on full display across the conference agenda, both in the main Congress Hall and […]

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