Archana Joshi

Archana Joshi is a Director with Cognizant Digital Engineering. She has 18 years of industry experience in software engineering and IT consulting. For 10 years, she worked on the change required when organizations embrace Agile techniques across people, processes and technology. In her current role, she drives digital engineering transformations using cloud-native solutions, Agile, DevOps and Lean Startup principles for Cognizant’s enterprise clients. She has worked with clients across diverse industry domains, including manufacturing, finance, insurance and telecommunications. Archana holds a post-graduate diploma in business management and a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering. She can be reached at

Ready, Aim, Fire: Don’t Miss the Target in Meeting Your Agility Goals

Increasingly when I talk to our enterprise clients, a question invariably arises in the conversation: “We need customer-focused products and solutions, and we want to improve our time to market. How do we achieve this by leveraging our existing assets, while improving our agility and delivery velocity?” All these clients have activated initiatives in the […]

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Infusing Security into Digital Engineering

The digital economy calls for solutions to be built with digital technologies from the ground up. However, this can result in a double-edged sword: The more a solution relies on digital mechanisms like open APIs, web services, open-source software libraries, cloud and web access over the public Internet, the more vulnerable it is to hacking, […]

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