Anil Nagaraj

Anil Nagaraj is a Vice President of Analytics & AI in Cognizant's Digital Business practice. He has spent over 20 years guiding customers with new business strategies to bring technology innovation. He drives analytics to support positive business outcomes and generate newer revenue streams.

Over the past 12 years, Anil has built the banking financial services analytics business, supported many large enterprise transformation programs and has been a key advisor to many chief data officers. Anil established a specialized data engineering team to deliver the greatest value and measurable business outcomes to clients. His expertise extends beyond data management and analytics into artificial intelligence and machine learning, which helps his customers compete more effectively in a digital world.

Anil holds a master’s degree in commerce and a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and management. He can be reached at Anil.Nagaraj@cognizant.com

Overcoming the Top Four Challenges of Enterprise-Scale Machine Learning

As businesses use machine learning across more areas of their business to make informed decisions, we see them facing four significant challenges:  Increasing agility to launch machine learning capabilities more quickly to meet a range of business needs, from inventory optimization to fraud detection. Minimizing the cost of delivering business intelligence and machine learning in […]

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Four Lessons Learned on Using Agile Analytics to Thrive in Crisis

With sales dropping rapidly due to COVID-19 lockdowns, a leading international convenience store needed recommendations on how to increase its revenue – and it needed the answers quickly.   Within five days of starting our analysis, we assessed how the business’s “basket” of top-selling items had changed. This would allow managers to ensure stores had […]

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