Andres Angelani

Andres is the Chief Executive Officer of Cognizant Softvision. He has extensive experience building strategic partnerships that create new revenue streams, realizing innovative business models and market offerings through new ways of developing software, and building high-performance teams and the right culture to bring the best of what design and technology have to offer to industries. In 2016, Andres co-authored The Never-Ending Digital Journey: Creating New Consumer Experiences Through Technology. His latest book, Transforming While Performing, is a practical guide that helps organizations plan and execute digital initiatives. Andres can be reached at


Understanding How to Fail: The Essential Ingredient of Radical Innovation (Final of a Multi-Part Series)

It’s one thing to embrace failure as a necessity for innovation. But we don’t always take the time to talk about the process of failure, and what it teaches. After all, in order to make the most out of failure, you need to learn from it. Done well, failure encourages experimentation, and the act of experimentation breeds […]

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Want Innovation? Connect Design and Engineering (Second of a Multi-Part Series)

Steve Jobs said it best: “Design is how it works.”  We live in an exciting time, when digital products and services are remaking industries, business models and jobs. At the center of all this activity are two closely connected disciplines: design and engineering. But while engineering and design have long played a central role in developing […]

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Engineering Your Digital Strategy for Business Success (First of a Multi-Part Series)

IDC estimates that 40% of all technology spending will be applied to “digital transformation,” with enterprises spending nearly $2 trillion by the year 2022. The trouble is, few businesses understand how to maximize their investment while also keeping the business at peak performance. Additionally, companies don’t always explore all the ways that services, processes and […]

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