Allen Shaheen

Allen Shaheen is Executive Vice-President, Digital Engineering at Cognizant. He is also a board member of the Cognizant U.S. Foundation,  a non-profit organization established to fund STEM education and skills programs, public-private partnerships and other initiatives designed for high school graduates, community college and college students, military veterans and others in the workforce seeking specialized technical skills for digital technology jobs.

Previously, Allen led Cognizant’s mergers and acquisitions strategy and was Global Markets Leader of the company’s Enterprise Applications Solutions and Quality Assurance and Engineering practices. Allen can be reached at |


Redefining Etiquette in a Remote Work World

We were not prepared for this – “this,” of course, being the sudden and pervasive shift to remote work. Along with this new reality, we’re also faced with virtual work’s lesser known but equally important companion, the “virtualization of etiquette.” The previous models of business behavior and human engagement no longer apply. For example, when […]

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Four Ways to Fill the Digital Talent Void

As more organizations morph into software companies, they’re finding it takes a new mindset to acquire digital talent. Not only are key positions in short supply; today’s candidates are also motivated by different things than previous generations, making the group distinctly different from previous hires. As a result, successful recruitment and retention today requires a […]

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How Organizational Culture Can Drive Digital Success

While smart IT strategy and effective execution remain crucial components for business success, organizational culture has become one of the most distinctive differentiators in digital business today. According to recent research we conducted with HfS Research, companies that intentionally focus on culture realize greater success, both revenue-wise and in terms of building out their digital […]

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