Alan Alper

Alan Alper is Vice President, Thought Leadership Programs at Cognizant. In this role he is responsible for producing much of Cognizant’s thought leadership, globally. This includes white papers, case studies, blogs, short-form content that appears in the Latest Thinking section of (and Digital Perspectives app), videos, podcasts, live-streaming video webinars and specialty publications, such as Cognizanti, the company’s flagship thought leadership journal.

Previously, Alan was the online editor of Managing Automation magazine and served as editorial director at Gomez, Inc., an internet performance monitoring/benchmarking/advisory services firm based in Waltham, MA. Prior to this, he was news and features editor at Computerworld. He also was on the founding team at Computer Industry Daily, the information technology industry’s first online daily publication, launched by Ziff Davis under the tutelage of industry “gadfly” (now venture capitalist), Esther Dyson.

Alan earned his bachelor’s degree in rhetoric and communications (minoring in journalism) at the State University of New York at Albany. He can be reached at; LinkedIn:; Twitter: @AlanAlper4ever


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From the dawn of cyber time, the computer world has pivoted around code – and coders. Way back when, before handheld devices, packaged software, client/server and cloud-based server/client computing models became de rigueur, there were two choices: Hire experts to roll your own code, or contract with expensive third-party specialists to build enterprise-grade software. Either […]

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