The world as we know it has changed irrevocably, caught in the grip of COVID-19. As businesses cope with the operational challenges of the crisis, many have accelerated their adoption of digital tools and techniques, particularly the cloud, to stay engaged with both employees and customers.

This move to turn chaos into a catalyst is likely to continue post-pandemic. Following a near-instantaneous mass movement to remote work when state and country-wide lockdowns began, many CFOs and finance leaders now say they’ll shift at least some number of their employees to permanently remote positions post-pandemic, according to a recent Gartner study. Cloud migration will make it more convenient and affordable for organizations to manage their IT infrastructure and calibrate the computing needs of employees in real-time.

With more users connecting to systems remotely, data protection has also grown in importance. The cloud can provide that support since it’s been designed with rich security mechanisms from the get-go, offering stricter security protocols than most large corporations do. Concurrently, today’s business-as-unusual calls for innovation on-the-go and digitized IT support, both of which are more possible via the cloud.

A Stress Test for the Cloud

With accelerated cloud migration, cloud platforms are weathering the stress-test of a lifetime. Businesses are increasingly turning to cloud-savvy managed service providers (MSPs) that play a critical role in accelerating migration, modernizing legacy applications, scaling existing services, enabling and orchestrating multi-cloud environments, while leveraging cloud-native capabilities. These solutions have proved effective in reducing data center footprints and quickly launching virtual workforce productivity and collaboration services, while reducing revenue leaks and elevating customer satisfaction.

Beyond operational agility and efficiency, MSPs are crucial to navigating the complexities of cloud migration. Our partnerships with top cloud providers enable us to recommend and deliver the most suitable IT modernization solution to our customers.  

As a result, we were recognized as a leader in the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant for public cloud infrastructure professional and managed services. Our extensive portfolio of public cloud offerings around platform, application and data modernization, coupled with our IPs and accelerators, are pivotal to organizations seeking to derive the best value from cloud deployments and operations.

Fast Action via Public Cloud

One of our clients, a global healthcare player, needed assistance migrating 125-plus applications from its existing data center environment to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. With our help, this company is now able to onboard applications in 30 minutes – an endeavor that typically required three days. The company also realized 60% cost savings on licenses.

COVID-19 has disrupted many elements of our personal and professional lives. One that stands out is the need to accelerate the shift to digital. Public cloud services and MSPs are integral to this cause.

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Raja Renganathan

Raja Renganathan

Raja Renganathan is a Vice-President at Cognizant and heads the company’s Cloud Services Business based out of North America. A strategic leader,... Read more