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21 more jobs that pivot on human-machine harmony

November 01, 2018 - 229 views

21 more jobs that pivot on human-machine harmony

In an age when many pundits are bemoaning the loss of jobs due to AI, we’ve identified 42 jobs of the future that we see emerging in the next decade.

Help Wanted: Data Trash Engineer. Algorithm Bias Auditor. Head of Machine Personality Design. Chief Purpose Planner.

Could you envision needing one of these job titles in your organization, or even see yourself filling one of these roles? We can – if not now, then very soon. In fact, in an age when many pundits are bemoaning the loss of jobs due to artificial intelligence (AI), algorithms and automation, we’ve identified 42 job titles in the past year that we see emerging in the next decade.

These jobs are beyond crystal ball predictions. Last year, we published our first “21 Jobs of the Future” report, complete with job descriptions, defined responsibilities, and required skills and qualifications. Before we knew it, they materialized as actual jobs at a variety of businesses, including our Man-Machine Teaming Manager at Cobalt Robotics, in the form of a Robot Manager, and our Digital Tailor as a Zozosuit at a leading Japanese retailer.

Now, we’ve identified 21 more jobs of the future that we believe are not just plausible but also essential to the future of our work. What’s more, these jobs are not just for the engineers, coders and algorithm writers among us; while some jobs (Haptic Interface Programmer and Flying Car Developer, for instance) will require a high degree of technical know-how, others (Juvenile Cybercrime Rehabilitation Counselor and VR Arcade Manager) will not.

Above all, all 42 of the jobs we’ve identified require skills and capabilities that only humans could do, which is central to our foundational belief that even with AI infiltrating all aspects of our lives, human imagination and ingenuity will be the source of human work ad infinitum.

In fact, while last year’s report  grouped the new job categories into the three buckets of “coaching, caring and connecting” – reflecting our belief that no matter how technological our age becomes,  humans will always crave the human touch – this year’s report envisions job roles fitting into one of three human-centric themes:

  • Ethical behaviors: We want machines (and humankind) to perform well and behave themselves. Jobs like Chief Purpose Planner, Algorithm Bias Auditor, Juvenile Cyber Crime Rehabilitation Counselor, Head of Machine Personality Design and Head of Business Behavior will ensure they do.
  • Security and safety: In this brave (and scary) new world, jobs such as Cyber Attack Agent, Cyber Calamity Forecaster, Machine Risk Officer and Virtual Identity Defender will mitigate risk and help us feel safe.
  • Dreams: Fantasizing about the art of the possible is critical to new job creation. New roles such as Smart Home Designer, Flying Car Developer and Vertical Farm Consultant stem from age-old science fiction visions that we believe are set to become science fact.

Ongoing Tracking of Jobs of the Future

Keeping track of the future of work is vital to us all. How can we stay relevant, if not gainfully employed, if we don’t know what awaits us? That’s why we created the Cognizant Jobs of the Future Index© (CJoF Index) that will allow us to test and/or prove our hypotheses about  how the future work will play out, and what skills will be required of employees and employers, alike. We’ll update the index every quarter and identify highlights and insights from the data we collect.

As the reality of the future of work closes in on us, each passing moment offers great opportunity or reveals great risk. Ultimately, the choices and decisions we make, starting now, will shape our fate as individuals and organizations. By focusing less on the potential negatives of technology and more on using our human imagination and ingenuity to develop new jobs, we can successfully create a sustainable job market where humans and machines thrive together.

To learn more, read our full report “21 More Jobs of the Future,” explore our CJoF Index and attend our streaming video webinar, November 8, 10am ET.

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Manish Bahl

Associate Vice President, Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work, Asia Pacific and the Middle East

Manish Bahl is an Associate Vice President who leads the Cognizant Center for the Future of Work in Asia-Pacific and the...

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