The IoT Consulting Players

Who are the top players in IoT?

ALM Intelligence published its first-of-its-kind report, ALM Intelligence Vanguard of Internet of Things IT Consulting examining 21 consulting firms. The study outlined key market trends, industry and regional patterns for consulting spending, and a competitive landscape of key market players. Only five firms reached the Vanguard, the highest rating, recognizing the strongest consultancies for the breadth and depth of their firms’ capabilities.

Competitive Landscape

ALM Intelligence divides the IoT consulting landscape into four types of companies:

  • Management consulting firms: Including Booz Allen Hamilton, Deloitte, EY, KPMG, McKinsey & Company, Protiviti, and PwC, the firms in this category leverage their strong ties with business executives and their ability to identify IT investments to address the opportunities.
  • Multi-service firms: Including Accenture, Atos, BearingPoint, and Capgemini, these firms have strong technology-solutions delivery capabilities and solution accelerators to get clients to market faster.
  • IT consulting firms: Including CGI, Cognizant, CSC, Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services, and Tech Mahindra, these firms have little revenue in strategy consulting but deep technology-delivery capabilities in IT solutions delivery and downstream IoT expertise that enable them to advise on IoT investment decisions.
  • End-to-end firms: Companies such as Cisco Consulting Services, Dell, Hitachi Consulting, and IBM can provide complete IoT solutions from advising through providing internally developed sensors and devices for end-to-end solutions.

Of the four groups, ALM Intelligence recognized that IT consulting firms may not have the most mature IoT strategy consulting capabilities, but they outperform all other groups when it comes to IoT solution-design advisory. The report noted that IT consulting firms are helping organizations “kick-start large-scale IoT” and quoted our AVP of IoT Solutions,  Adithya Sastry: “While there is a lot of hype on the potential of IoT, most organizations are not structured to understand the complexity of IoT or how to achieve tangible results from an IoT initiative. A truly scalable IoT solution requires an interdisciplinary approach: instrumentation, connectivity, data science, cloud for scale and security (network and edge).”

Cognizant In the Vanguard

Cognizant was positioned at the top of the Vanguard, recognized as having a “robust and comprehensive IoT IT consulting portfolio” that is “backed and strengthened by an array of strategy and solution accelerators and labs.” The report noted Cognizant’s “wide-ranging IoT expertise, detailed offerings and well-oiled approach of collaborating with clients to create a vision, testing a proof-of-concept and developing a roadmap for pilot and beyond based on lessons learned.”

ALM-Intelligence-Cognizant-IoT-Vanguard Jan. 2016

Scale the Potential

We recognize many organizations are still exploring the potential of IoT. We also recognize that it is one of the most complex technological and organizational challenges that companies must face. But above all, our point of view is this: keep scale in mind. Ultimately, if it can’t scale, it doesn’t work.

We’re geared towards helping organizations not only to understand what is possible with IoT but also to glue together the pieces of an IoT solution that have the potential to scale beyond pilots to many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of connected nodes. We reach this goal with rapid iteration through our Cognizant Digital Works Accelerator Methodology and through being able to meet the interdisciplinary demands of Internet of Things efforts.

Find out more: download the report ALM Intelligence Vanguard™ of Internet of Things IT Consulting

Vivek Asija

Vivek Asija

Director of Marketing @Cognizant for the Internet of Things and Intelligent Automation consulting and services.

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