The closer software gets to the customer, the more we need to focus on their experience. That effort is challenging businesses to reinvent themselves by delivering faster, better services. Companies like Uber and Amazon that were ‘born digital’ have turned customer experience into a matter of software quality and speed, but enterprises still need to digitally step up.

Cognizant recently commissioned Forrester to study the defining parameters of success in a customer-centric digital world. The study entitled, Quality@Speed is The Key to Digital Success, revealed that 78% of organizations consider quality and speed to be key factors for project success. What does that mean for your business?

Are you digital enough?

Many enterprises with digital strategies have not focused enough on making their software robust in terms of quality and speed. This has proven to be a big stumbling block in their digital journey because software powers the digital agenda through apps and websites that interface with customers.

Moreover, the study highlighted a disparity that can exist if there is a ‘disjointed’ approach to quality and speed. Although 41 percent of businesses have an explicit focus on DevOps and Agile practices for faster delivery, most businesses don’t start testing until the end of the development cycle, thus treating quality as an afterthought. Interestingly, 68 percent of organizations operated in a silo-ed testing structure, with different testing strategies for mobile/smart devices and legacy systems which further obscured their digital strategy.

In other words, enterprises seem to have embraced digital in principle, but not in practice. They aim to provide exceptional digital customer experiences, but they ultimately undermine their digital strategy  and success by not thinking the end-to-end process through.

Change things up for maximum quality and speed

Enterprises need to be digital to do digital. What I mean by that is, to attain Quality@Speed, enterprises need a collaborative, multifunction approach that amalgamates quality and speed in the course of software development. The Forrester study recommends the following changes for enterprises:

  •  est early, test often and test rightTest early, test often and test right: Businesses need to introduce testing early into the product lifecycle to insure that quality is right from the beginning. This reduces the possibility of defect leakage and speeds up software development.
  • Move away from organizational and process silos: Deploy a team testing structure that allows collaboration. This will decrease the time wasted switching contexts and reduce meeting overhead, which leads to faster application delivery speed.
  • Drive high levels of automation: Smart automation testers will look to automate beyond the UI by testing APIs and taking an architectural approach to test automation. Intelligent automation, which uses big data and analytics, will help bolster your digital strategy.
  • Embrace DevTestOps: Adopt agile testing practices and emphasize the need to combine testing with development and operations. This will lead to faster innovation cycles, shorter time to market and greater opportunities to help win, serve, and retain customers.

Get it right with the right partner

The Quality@Speed study revealed a very interesting trend. Many organizations were overwhelmingly open to partnering with external vendors to assist them in fields where they lacked expertise, especially in automation or best-of-breed testing tools. In fact, 42 percent of companies favor end-to-end testing services and solutions to stay ahead of the competition.

The best partner to drive your digital initiative is one who can deliver both business and technology assurance, a partner with reputable experience integrating ecosystems that will ensure superior end-user experience across complex digital environments.


If you want to win the digital race, you need a different game plan. Today the criteria for customer satisfaction is not limited to efficiency and functionality; customers now expect high-quality services right when they need it. If your software fails to match up to these expectations, your digital strategy will fail.

A winning strategy should be an aggressive, outcome-driven setup with a singular focus on assuring high quality and agility. Does your digital strategy guarantee you Quality@Speed? Click here to learn more about the approach. Download a copy of the Forrester study about Quality@Speed here.


Andreas Golze

Andreas Golze

Andreas Golze leads the Quality Engineering & Assurance (QE&A) Practice at Cognizant for UK, EMEA and APAC. In this capacity, Andreas is... Read more