Connected Devices Executive Roundtable

You are invited: Medical Device IoT Executive Roundtable

October 13, 2016 | Collaboratory, 205 East 42nd Street, NY, NYC

Today’s medical devices talk to us. They’re engineered to monitor how they’re used and how well they work for patients. Companies capable of curating and acting on this information—monitoring, managing, and monetizing that knowledge, will thrive in the globally connected market.

IoT-enabled products are transforming medical device design and use.

The Internet of Things is long past being talk. We’re learning the walk. What’s the optimal path for medical device manufacturers? Learn more at our Connecting Medical Device to IoT Value in the Collaboratory Innovation Center in New York City on October 13, 2016.

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4:30 p.m.

Lunch and Collaboratory Tour

Staying Relevant in the Age of Digital Disruption

Why IoT? How to Scale?

Transforming Devices with Smart, Data Driven Strategies

Connected Healthcare-Collaborate to Innovate

Data with Devices-How to Make it Work

Executive Roundtable: The Future with IoT

Networking and Happy Hour


Cognizant Digital Works

Cognizant IoT Medical Device

Abbott Laboratories

Partners Connected Health


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Terry Finch
Chief Architect,
Abbott Laboratories


Dr. Joe Kvedar
Vice President,
Partners Connected Healthcare

amulmagoAmul Mago
Black Belt Analytics and Data Scientist, Microsoft
An innovative and strategic leader, who delivers forward thinking, global transformation business programs with quantifiable results. Leader in the implementation of breakthrough and visionary architectures and solutions.An industry leader in creating a new model of healthcare delivery, developing innovative strategies to move care from the hospital or doctor’s office into the day-to-day lives of patients. Author of  “The Internet of Healthy Things.”A Black Belt for Advanced Analytics and Data Sciences and a visionary for emerging technologies. Public speaker discussing the changing dynamics and empowerment of data

Data from Devices: What’s the Next Step?

Today’s digital data streams—powered by IoT—allow technologically savvy companies to actively monitor how their medical devices are being used in real time, and their condition. In most therapeutic domains, connectivity will be the norm by 2020. It’s time to move beyond monitoring and managing.

Could software be your medical device? The opportunities are unlimited—but device designers and manufacturers need to act fast to maintain competitive advantage. Market-leading companies are learning how a connected services continuum benefits them, moving from simple monitoring to competing on analytics. That changes the customer relationship from selling a consumable product to a paid service model. Positive customer experience of your device will be key.

Device manufacturers must identify how an enterprise connected services model can be delivered, what processes work, the long-term path to optimizing IoT, how to gauge risk, and to measure success.

Medical Devices Meet Digital: It’s No Longer an Option.

Want to know more? What IoT initiatives could do for your company—and what your competitors are doing? Join us at our [half-day forum and luncheon], with presentations from leading industry innovators. Hear how digital data and IoT implementation are spurring a revolution in the therapy and services cycle for medical device companies.

We’ll look at ways to design and plan specific IoT offerings, examine factors that influence decision-making, address challenges to collaboration and data-sharing across multiple data generation points, and discuss information security in an IoT world. Learn how to:

  • Plan connected services campaigns to improve and enhance customers’ experiences
  • Maximize device information to improve user experience
  • Leverage digital data in a secure process to streamline operations and lower costs
  • Collaborate with healthcare providers [end users] and keep pace with the need for innovation

Walking the walk. Monetizing data through connectivity and customer experience. Competing in a connected world. Sign up for your seat today!

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