Working with clients across industries, we are beginning to see the transformative power of the Internet of Things (IoT). Its not only changing how traditional manufacturers re-imagine their business, IoT is shifting how the commercial sector envisions the way they design intelligent products and services that offer unimaginable value to their customers.

This seismic shift is also requiring digital leaders experimenting with IoT to unlock the value of a “smart product idea” pilot to implement at scale. Unfortunately, with IoT poised to become a market expected to grow to 883.55 Billion USD by 2022, skills and resources to design, pilot and implement IoT at scale are scarce for many businesses.

Just think about the magnitude of skill sets required to successfully connect, manage, interpret, protect, and monetize an IoT implementation. The collective expertise is mind boggling for many of our clients to bring together: digital technologists, strategists, user experience designers, technical architects, mobile, analytics, cloud, security, engineers, hardware and software developers. And make sure everyone works well together.

That is why many are turning to Cognizant to take big ideas from prototype to enterprise scale.

HfS named Cognizant to the IoT Services “Winner’s Circle” 

For the second straight year in a row, Cognizant is honored to be named to the “Winner’s Circle” in the new HfS Blueprint Report: Internet of Things (IoT) Services 2016. The HfS Research Blueprint report recognized Cognizant for their breadth of IoT solutions, strong strategic vision, and flexible financial and partnership approaches. Cognizant was noted for having “collaborative relationships with clients, services executed with a combination of talent and technology as appropriate, and flexible arrangements.”

The newly released Blueprint Report on IoT analyzes the capabilities of 17 major service providers and cites Cognizant’s strategic and future vision for the IoT, as well as its partner ecosystem, collaboration techniques, account management and delivery methods. Companies named to the ‘Winner’s Circle’ are defined by HfS as those who show competitive differentiation in a particular line of delivery with progress in realizing the as-a-service economy of business outcome-oriented, on-demand talent and technology services.

Why Cognizant “Internet of Things”

“Cognizant has a clear strategy and a well earned reputation for our strong account management and for working closely with our clients on all project stages,” states HfS researcher. “Being placed in the Winner’s Circle again this year is strong validation of our leadership position. Beyond all the technology though, Cognizant understands their customers.”

According to the Blueprint Report, Cognizant has IoT services that fit into a broader digital vision and “next-gen IT enterprise follow-through with strong entrepreneurial drive.” The report cites other specific strengths and capabilities:

  • Strong Execution Reputation Driven By Strong Strategic Vision.
  • Flexible Approach.
  • Digital Structure Fosters Rapid Contextual IoT Development.
  • Account Management Reputation.
  • Funding of Start Up Concepts.

“IoT is a buyer’s market today, but service providers like Cognizant that have the capability to envision and bring to life new ways of creating value from digital innovation are recognized as the partners of choice,” said Oliver Marks, Vice President  Digital  and IoT, HfS Research.

“Cognizant is among the few service providers who have the structure, vision and entrepreneurial drive to bridge multiple competencies like business/digital strategy, mobility, cloud, user experience, analytics, and security into a blended agile team to give clients the ability to realize and succeed with their IoT projects.” HfS Research is a leading independent global analyst firm for the business and IT services industry.

Read a summary of the HfS Research IoT Services Blueprint Report.

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Frank Antonysamy

Frank Antonysamy

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