Theo Forbath

Theo Forbath is Global Vice President of Digital Transformation at Cognizant. With more than fifteen years’ experience as an innovator in global collaboration for product design and engineering, including formerly as a top executive with leading experiential design firm Frog Design, Theo has developed successful methodologies for integrating on- and off-shore teams from creating strategy to developing products and services for commercialization. He has published widely on innovation and strategy, including features in Fast Company, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, IEEE, and Fortune, and he has spoken extensively on a range of topics, including at the Tedx Academy. Theo has studied and published with professors from Harvard Business School; he has a BA with honors in Sociology and Philosophy from Brandeis University. Theo lives in Cambridge, Mass., and works around the globe.

On a Scale of 1-10, How Secure Are You?

A colleague of mine – a lawyer whose IQ is stratospheric – confesses to feeling terrified 99% of the time. Now, this is a guy who’s very well read, very savvy, a guy I’ve known for a long time and appears as serene as a summer lake. He snowboards and cycles without a helmet and […]

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The Soul in the New Machine? Try Delight.

What is the nature of delight? A principle of pleasure. Perhaps a sense of mystery unfurled. A tinge of magic.   Consider: Today your vehicle alerts you when the oil needs to be changed, the tires are low, or it needs service. But in tomorrow’s world, the onboard computer sends an alert to the dealer […]

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The Emergence of Our Digital Twin

Digital imagination at work It seems implausible to talk about a 120-year old technology company, when few make it past 120 months. But industrial behemoth GE, founded in 1886, is today transforming itself into a modern digital company, betting big on software and analytics. GE’s structured approach to this transformation includes major investments in developing the […]

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Transformation, Part II: A Paperless ICU

In my last post, I talked about the evolution of design thinking toward what now is rapidly becoming a necessity: the digital transformation of businesses from the ground up. Such work is necessary from the standpoint of competitive advantage; it also offers businesses a changed paradigm for how they parse and act on the digital […]

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Transformation? Think Digital. And a Little Magic.

Remember back in the mid-2000s at the start of Web 2.0? It was epic: Web 2.0 completely changed the web experience from a static representation of content (and shopping carts) to a fluid experience that actively engaged audiences. In the context of Web 2.0, design meant accommodating user-generated content, with online audiences able to participate in communities—even, later, […]

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