Raja Renganathan

Raja Renganathan is a Vice President and Global Head of neXgen Infrastructure Services Business at Cognizant and focus on Cloud, Automation and Service Management.

Modernizing IT Service Management in an AI-First World

Anyone who’s worked in IT service management is well aware of the disappointment that often follows the inflated promises of process automation. The only way ITSM professionals will ever be able to focus on the growing demand for more strategic digital initiatives is to fully automate IT and business processes, not to mention meeting the […]

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How to Pick Up the Pace with Cloud

Over the past few years, we’ve seen cloud adoption grow steadily and surely. In the months to come, however – with business leaders increasingly focused on digital transformation and IT innovation – we expect cloud use to skyrocket.

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Navigating the Shift through Digital Service Management

Service management is going digital CXOs at leading companies are embracing  digital technologies to tap into new opportunities. But as these enterprises embark on their transformation journey, a vital part of the enterprise ecosystem that touches employees tends to get left out, and that is Service Management–a customer-centric approach for delivering IT services. Leading companies are beginning to […]

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The Service-Centric Digital Business: A New Order for IT

IT leaders often ask me how to make things work better across departments and business units. Most of the time, they’re driven by mandates to reduce overhead, increase the predictability and quality of output, and to significantly boost process efficiency. Those seem like ideal candidates for incremental improvements, but deep down, most know that a […]

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CloudOps for Digital Businesses: A New DNA

I recently wrote about what I see as the inevitability of a server-free future. I suggested that migrating to the cloud is a necessary progression for businesses that want to innovate, cut costs, and optimize operations. But while it’s easy for CIOs to say that moving to the public cloud is at the top of their […]

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The Cloud: The Way to Run the Most Advanced Digital Value Chain

The Cloud. Yep, we’ve been talking about it since 2011. But take a step back and see how fast things have really occurred: to those who have spent a career in IT administration, it still can sound almost unreal. A serverless environment within the enterprise! No in-house server farms! No internal deployments! No installed software or […]

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