Pery Venkat

Venkat has 17 years of experience in the IT industry and is a Senior Director managing Cognizant's business strategy, digital, M&A and Fintech partnerships for the Banking and Financial Services industry.

Co-innovate for FinTech Success

A few years ago, if I asked you what comes to mind when you hear “Innovation Lab,” what would you think? Most would have responded with “a place where the best R&D brains come together to develop a new product.” But times have changed. Recent digital disruptions are demonstrating how innovation can spring up just about anywhere in a […]

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The Byzantine Generals: Key to a Blockchain Future?

A castle under siege defeats the besiegers? It sounds like an episode of Game of Thrones. But it’s not. It’s a retelling of what’s commonly referred to as the Byzantine Generals’ problem. In its essence, the problem is one of unprovability. The four attacking captains can only communicate through a messenger. The messenger could be […]

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A Friend in Need? Lending Goes Digital

At its most fundamental level, retail banking means accepting funds on deposit and paying interest on them, then lending the funds to others, who in turn pay to the bank interest greater than what it pays to depositors. A simple equation. And it typically contributes more than 60 percent of a bank’s total operating income. So the lending […]

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Open APIs in Financial Services: Making Peace? Or Trouble?

Could this be the year for open APIs in the finance industry? It just might be. Since the 2008 financial crisis, banks have focused more on regulatory compliance rather than providing innovative services. But that’s changing, as are customers’ expectations. Take trading online. If you’re tired of paying fees for each trade, you’re not alone. And now you have options. Robinhood is a mobile […]

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Strategies for Banks: How to Disrupt and Coexist

With the explosion of financial technology (fintech) innovation, it’s becoming critical for banking giants to focus on a dual mandate: run their banks more efficiently, while transforming to appeal to the millennial generation and beyond. But how should they approach this? How much should they focus on neutralizing disruptors, and how much on copying them? After all, some disruptors will be flashes in […]

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