Narayn Sridharan

Narayn leads the Internet of Things venture at Cognizant. Currently, he and his team are helping Cognizant's clients apply technologies related to IoT to address business problems and transform businesses. His responsibilities include planning for, and incubating the venture as part of the Cognizant Emerging Business Accelerators.

May I Take Your Order? Fast Food and IoT

IoT Innovations Intrepid companies are staring down the risks and exploring the possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT), moving briskly from ideation to prototyping. They believe that previous waves of Internet innovations are merely a prelude to the unprecedented changes that the IOT will bring to the way we live and work, particularly as smart […]

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Internet of Things: Shaping the Insurance Industry

Internet of Things for Insurance Despite the hype, the Internet of Things (IOT) is taking substantive shape in the insurance industry. Initial pilots offer a glimpse of how a tightly interconnected physical and digital world can drive breakthroughs in productivity, organizational efficiency, and entirely new product and service models that radically improve customer experiences. Experimentation is beginning to […]

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