Nanditha Vijayaraghavan

Nanditha holds a Masters in Business Administration from Warwick Business School, UK and is currently working with Cognizant's Technology Vertical focused on Business Development. As a Senior Analyst, she leads business development for technology clients in India and Middle East. She has also been pivotal in leading several large bids in the digital transformation space within Technology industry and Diversified sectors. She is a certified Cognizant proDIGI (Digital 101 certified professional).

5 Ways to Reinvent Workplace Engagement in the Digital Age

Counting our achievements and tracking our progress gives us humans a sense of accomplishment. If you’re like me, you enjoy checking your frequent flyer miles, credit card points, Fitbit steps, Facebook page followers, or LinkedIn profile strength from time to time. Many companies are adopting internal programs like these to motivate and incentivize their employees to […]

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