Kamales Mandal

Kamales Mandal has more than 15 years of experience in diverse walks of enterprise architecture (EA), service-oriented architecture (SOA), product strategy definition and product development, consulting and mentoring. He has published multiple papers on Enterprise Architecture and its impact to the worlds largest companies. Kamales enjoys the opportunity and adventure in delivering multicultural work experience with major enterprises across North America, United Kingdom, Latin America, Australia and Asia-Pacific. He is a Graduate of Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.

Sweet, Sweet SMAC

Social. Mobile. Analytics. Cloud. Call it dig-em SMAC. It’s not a sugary cereal. But from morning to night, these applications dominate how people are living their lives. And together, the SMAC applications are proliferating, as social media plays an increasing role how consumers relate to products and services, brands and companies. SMAC is being woven into everything we do. According […]

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A New Age of Digital Collaboration

The age of digital collaboration Do you remember the era when New Age music was popular? You know, that anodyne blend of electronic and acoustic sounds from the synthesizer, piano, flute and guitar as well as waterfall and bird sounds used to create peaceful atmospheres? Interestingly, the feelings produced by New Age music are more important to defining the genre than what instruments […]

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