Jim Walker

Jim Walker is Director, Marketing Strategy at Cadient, a Cognizant Company. Jim provides innovative marketing insights for a wide range of clients, as well as leading Cadient’s content marketing strategy. He is particularly interested in helping brand teams effectively leverage their digital content. He can be reached at jim.walker@cadient.com.

Healthcare Scaled for Exponential Growth

What’s Impacting Healthcare? Besides incredible market valuation and growth, what do Uber, Airbnb and Snapchat have in common? According to author Salim Ismail, these firms represent a new type of company—an “Exponential Organization.” At first glance, the Exponential Organization may seem like a new generation of internet hype, but it is difficult to dismiss the […]

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What Jeff Bezos Can Teach You about Launches

You may have seen the news about Jeff Bezos’ rocket taking off into space and then successfully landing back on Earth. Although Amazon Prime members can’t get their orders delivered by a rocket (at least not yet), they may soon get the chance to fly into low orbit, powered by one of Blue Origin’s New […]

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