Mo Elnadi

A seasoned commercially minded, multilingual digital marketing strategist with solid hands-on experience. Working with brands and startups to build integrated digital campaigns that drive measurable revenue.Mo has deep knowledge in defining and executing integrated multichannel campaigns including display, organic search, programmatic PPC, email, SEO, social and experiential.His responsibilities include content planning and delivery of online brand activation campaigns, digital marketing strategy, video seeding and social media channels strategy for B2C and B2B clients.As a digital native, Mo had worked on both the client-side and agency-side to define online strategy and execute persona-driven ATL online marketing campaigns, whilst managing profitability, delivering digital lead generation campaigns with measurable results and raising social media engagement.With strong hands-on understanding of earned, owned and paid media, Mo adopts an insight-driven integrated approach to combine digital with traditional focusing on social media, programmatic, retargeting, SEM, A/B testing, social listening, journey mapping and mobile apps to deliver successful multichannel campaigns with proven high conversion rates.Being an early adopter, he developed the Facebook strategy and Amazon ecommerce shop for Philips, Vodafone's online roadmaps, Mobile campaigns for Money Dashboard, Wonsie and Puzzler, plus EMEA projects for Shell, Microsoft, Audi, Alstom, and Adobe.To gain buy-in he influences up to C-suite level through collaboration with research, marketing and IT as well as agencies.With an MBA focusing on social media monetization strategies, Mo is a speaker in conferences by Facebook and Cisco and is passionate for photography and technology. He enjoys working with digital-savvy teams to utilise his strong tactical and strategic capabilities in a switched-on environment.

Ten Digital Marketing Trends in 2016 CMOs Can’t Ignore

Mobile devices and digital marketing trends The digital revolution has created a tsunami of change to the customer experience and to what consumers now take for granted from their favorite brands. In this age of the customer, we no longer “go online”; we live online in an always-on, always-connected networked society where we expect needs […]

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11 Tips to Use Instagram and Pinterest for Business

Instagram and Pinterest: not just for the crafty hipsters An effective social-media marketing strategy is essential for building brand affinity and audience loyalty. And social-media audiences love visual content—photos and short videos. Instagram and Pinterest are the two main visual social platforms–and business can use them to create brand ambassadors and even attract new customers by communicating […]

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Can Funny Cat Videos Save Google+ From Social Media Fail?

When Google+ launched in 2011, it quickly became a redundant service for many who were already engaging with friends and brands on Facebook several times a day for the previous five years since Facebook’s launch (800 million monthly active users to be more specific). Since then, the social network struggled to gain enough engagement or traction, with the perception that Google+ is good for SEO but didn’t have enough unique features to monetize and catch-up with other social networks especially in the user content curation front.

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