Dharmesh Mistry

Dharmesh is a technology executive with global experience in revenue generation, client development, building professional services organizations, partner development and large-scale technical program delivery. At Cognizant, he has responsibility for Product Engineering Services P&L across North America and UK. Responsible for Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Delivery for Hi-Tech and Communications sectors.

Platform Business Models Win- 4 Reasons Why

Across myriad enterprises, digital platforms are becoming more widely accepted but vary on business need. Some support broad, horizontal markets; others target business functions or industry sectors. For example, a company like Airbnb  empowers trust between market participants and reduces information asymmetry. This can drive down the cost of delivery the service. And the platform can […]

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Platform Diving: Leveraging Economic Reality in Financial Services

Heightened regulatory scrutiny. Intense profit pressures. Agile non-bank market entrants. The financial services industry has experienced sweeping change since the 2008 global financial crisis, and more change is just beginning. What’s driving all this change? It’s the platform economy. This is the perfect time for financial services organizations to take the plunge. What do we mean by “Platform?” A […]

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Platform Business Power

It’s been a platform kind of year. From prime time coverage in publications like the Wall Street Journal, to keynotes at our own Cognizant Community event by well-known platform evangelist, Peter Evans, businesses everywhere are looking into them. But what are platforms exactly? HBR defines them as “a structure upon which many variations of products are built.” […]

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