Akila Narayanan

Akila is a Senior Manager with the InsuranceNext Innovation Group at Cognizant Technology Solutions.

Can Chatbots Advance Insurance Services?

With technology giants like Facebook and Microsoft announcing their own versions of the bot framework and services, chatbots are experiencing a kind of rebirth. Even though chatbots have been in existence since 1950s, Credence Research predicts growth greater than $88.3 million over the next 7 years across three million apps. Today’s consumers are spending more time in messaging […]

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Four New Roles Insurers can don in the Digital Age

When was the last time you connected with your insurer? Perhaps when you were involved in an accident, or when you were digging up the documents to fill your taxes? In other words, insurers have relatively fewer touchpoints with their customers. Insurance products aren’t like fast-moving consumer products, so from distribution to customer service, the engagement strategies […]

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