Adithya Sastry

Adithya Sastry is an Associate Vice-President within Cognizant’s Emerging Business Accelerator Unit, and is General Manager for the Internet of Things business, responsible for IOT product and service development. In this role, Adithya leads a team of designers, business strategists and IOT consultants to help companies that are looking to make a start with the Internet of Things. Previously, he was leader of Cognizant’s Cloud Business Unit and held product management leadership roles at NCR and GE. Adithya earned an M.B.A. degree at Thunderbird Interna­tional School of Management and an M.S. in Computer Science from Arkansas State University. He can be reached at

The Rise of Smart Products in the Consumer Goods Industry

After years of unrealistic prognostications and unfulfilled reality, the IOT’s potential is being proven in early trial and pilot projects of smart products. The impact of insights gained from ambient data acquired from smart, connected and instrument­ed objects and infrastructure is illuminating the ways in which businesses can enhance employee productivity, increase operational efficiency and create new business ecosystems across nearly every product and production process that can be made Internet Protocol (IP) addressable.

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Will Microservices Upend the Services Industry?

Netflix figured out what speed meant to their business: they developed a way to learn about their customers and gave them what they wanted at a faster pace than their competitors. As the need for speed and agility intensifies across industries, as  predicted in a previous post, Predictions (and some Provocations) for 2016,  companies will turn their attention to microservices to […]

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Digital Powered Business Models Are Reshaping Manufacturing

Digital is rapidly changing the business landscape in manufacturing. Many executives are watching before their eyes the convergence of the digital and physical worlds. The advancement of interoperability between devices that have sensors, processors, and use the Internet for connectivity is producing more untapped data than ever before. Check out this video: Yet a challenge remains. How can  manufacturers “be digital” and transform their […]

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Oil and Gas: A Proving Ground for IoT

The proof is in the pudding . . . Most companies in the energy & utilities space that are implementing IoT projects are closely monitoring progress and demanding hard results.  Concerns around technical standards, data privacy and return on investment (ROI) make reports of “successful” implementations subject to a lot of scrutiny.  That said, oil and gas […]

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We’re IoT Winners! (According to HFS Research)

“IoT is much more than a technology. IoT is not a technology market, but a go-to-market concept that incorporates the deployment of core emerging technologies already being deployed. Big Data, Analytics, Mobility, and Cloud are all enablers of IoT and this allows – even requires – it to become a unifying theme.” –HfS Research It’s […]

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Advancing the Digital Agenda with IOT

As social, mobile, analytics and cloud tech­nologies, or the SMAC Stack, emerge as the catalyst for today’s wave of digital business innovation, the Internet of Things (IOT) is beginning its transition from buzzword to breakthrough status in organizations willing to take the plunge. In fact, experimentation is beginning to give way to pilots that progressive organizations […]

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